Friday, September 14, 2012

White House - No Warning Of Attack In Libya - Obama Spokesman

The White House is flatly denying some sort of report how the Obama management seemed to be cautioned about the actual assault around the Libyan consulate that wiped out three Americans, such as the U.S. ambassador.

"I have found in which report, and also the history is absolutely wrong," mentioned White House spokesman Jay Carney. "We are not aware about any actionable brains revealing that a good infiltration to the U.S. mission within Benghazi was organized or imminent."

The Independent, a British newspaper, documented how the deaths of ambassador Christopher Stevens as well as three alternative Americans "were almost certainly going to are actually the end result of a heavy in addition to ongoing protection breach."

The Independent added: "According for you to older person diplomatic sources, the particular US State Department acquired legitimate information twenty four time previous to mobs priced the actual consulate inside Benghazi, as well as the embassy in Cairo, this American missions may perhaps be targeted, nonetheless zero warnings were given regarding diplomats to go on higher notify in addition to "lockdown", under which in turn action will be severely restricted."

Said Carney: "That report is false."

The attack in Benghazi on Tuesday killed several Americans, which includes ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Some protesters cited a good online anti-Islam video because their motivation. But U.S. law enforcement officials are investigating time of your pre-planned harm which will coincide considering the 9/11 anniversary.

Asked when there was virtually any brains actionable or not really about a feasible attack in Libya, Carney said: "There has been very little data that in any way could possibly possess been acted on to forestall these kind of attacks . The survey indicated this right now there ended up being intelligence that is on the market prior to the present this contributed us all to think this factory could be attacked, that is false."

As with regard to security on the consulate in Benghazi, Carney said: "There had been a protection presence. It was, unfortunately, insufficient to help resist your violence that we spotted and took this tragic loss of life, however there was security."

The White House spokesman added: "The leader features directed that him and i review just about all of your safety agreements pertaining to embassy comforts along with other diplomatic comforts around the world."

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