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By Ahmed Salah

In the daybreak with 2011, I along with 1000s of this fellow Egyptians went on to the particular roads while in the name involving justice, equality in addition to freedom. Along using protesters in other Middle Eastern countries, many of us inhibited the traditional intelligence in the West this brutal strongmen were being this only market leaders able, plus in truth construct y had been necessary, and keep a lid on Islamic extremists. We showed everything a new liberal vanguard ready and able to move the Middle East toward a new relaxing and vivid future.

Even prior to a attacks around the U.S. diplomatic missions, several Americans possessed begun in order to question whether our vanguard will be a mirage, assigned Syria azines slide towards civil war, the Muslim Brotherhood azines electoral advantages with Egypt plus ultraconservative Islamists needs on democratic governments. It will be the extremists whose decisions brought on those people attacks, however, whom I worry could be successful inside preventing that guarantee of some of our revolution.

The events regarding this morning commenced together with extremists in the West, not the Middle East. Last few days vertisements attacks have been completed through persons infuriated at the movie this insults the prophet Muhammad. While the sources on the film are not nevertheless clear, many of us do know that this movie was created and filmed while in the United States.

Muslims could not object into the video clip solely as it pictured your prophet or even because doing so criticized Muhammad. Instead, it portrays the pup as bloodthirsty plus deranged. The picture verts backers have not necessarily make an attempt to criticize or even educate. Their intent had been the particular goal shared by way of many extremists: that will spread discord, don't like plus violence.

Until recently, this picture appeared to be irrelevant. It requires stayed in which way. But extremists while in the Middle East saw it as a method to an end. In Egypt, a couple of privately owned satellite channels , il Hekma ( Wisdom ) along with il Nas ( The People ) spent hours talking about the film. They aimed for you to break out Egyptians and, within a very poor country with a strong illiteracy charge associated with 30 in order to forty five percent, they succeeded.

Discussion of the film distribute for you to effectively just about all Egyptian media, along with soon protests were being planned. A herd involving regarding 2,000 Egyptians accumulated while in front of the U.S. Embassy within Cairo. A smaller minority stormed the actual embassy, took decrease and arranged fire towards the American flag, in addition to increased a african american flag that reads, There is usually no God nonetheless Allah as well as Muhammad is usually his prophet.

In Libya, the punishment were being much worse. Extremist components aggressive for the West and the Libyan emerging trend employed the actual protest to help phase a great attack with your consulate of which killed several Americans, such as ambassador. I share encourage delivering those powering the particular infiltration to help justice. But when America verts only reaction to the current event can be increased antagonism toward the Muslim world, the extremists upon both equally features have already won.

I desire Americans will realize that they're not alone. This seriously isn't a battle between this Muslim planet plus the West. It is definitely not really a struggle between American ideals and Islamic values. It may be a battle between moderates as well as extremists. It can be a combat among anyone American and Arab that is doing the job toward freedom, equality and co-existence vs. your counter-progressives inside the Middle East as well as the West who're fighting to multiply discord and also hatred.

Many Egyptians responded for you to Tuesday azines activities by using surprise in addition to dismay. We feared that individuals could find a way to often be celebrating the particular 9/11 attacks, and many of us anxious this it could ruin each of our relations using the United States and problem our personal societies.

My message to Americans is definitely this: Never ignore until this attack seriously isn't the ones you have alone. It will be ours, too. Never forget which in this struggle in opposition to extremism and also the wrestle intended for peace plus justice, you are not alone. And understand that merely by means of hitting out and about to opportunity seekers whom risked his or her existence for the goals with the Arab Spring, rather than casting the entire region while an enemy, will probably this particular battle become won.

Ahmed Salah is actually co-founder in the Youth with regard to Change Movement as well as the April half a dozen Movement. He wrote this particular for The Washington Post.

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