Sunday, September 9, 2012

Members Of Congress - Puzzled By Gop Loyalty » Anderson Independent Mail - Letter

I am puzzled the key reason why South Carolina remains solidly in the Republican camp. The Romney-Ryan ticket will win throughout November by way of 5-plus percentage in the express where a lot of always vote versus their economical self interests.

In your condition along with essential lower income and college dropout rates, you'll find a Republican governor and superintendent associated with training that will be averse that will taking added u . s . Medicaid in addition to Department associated with Education money that will our people.

In a state having a bunch with individuals not having medical insurance and much golden-agers with exclusively Social Security because income, the many state Republican customers of Congress want to repeal Obamacare and also voted for any Ryan price range that would wipe out Medicare as we recognize the idea and also transform into a voucher/premium assist system. Seniors must learn that Paul Ryan as well choose to privatize Social Security and also and thus have Wall Street ascertain the scale in their checks.

In a point out which has a large number of ladies whom vote, this Republicans around Washington, D.C. prefer to take apart women utes proper to choose, perhaps throughout scenarios of rape, incest or maybe health belonging to the mother.

In a state without any proof connected with voter fraud, our condition Republican-controlled legislature handed down a new voter ID regularions that, whenever place in effect, might disenfranchise many possible minority, college student as well as aging parents voters.

I encourage many that strategy to be able to vote think of which along with what the Republican Party really holders for.

Jim Palmer, Clemson

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