Friday, September 7, 2012

Cultural Differences - Afghans Use Culture Guides To Cut Insider Attacks Reuters

By Amie Ferris-Rotman

KABUL Thu Sep 6, 2012 12:50pm EDT

KABUL (Reuters) - Afghan Defense Ministry officials, seeking to prevent this alarming boost within 'insider' attacks, have given their soldiers tips about dangerous culture, revealing these not to often be genuinely offended by way of delicious pat about the back and also a great American gift wondering following your own wife's health.

A pamphlet along with assistance on handling cultural differences concerning Afghans and their currency wifes has become generated amongst excellent worry involving Afghan and NATO leaders concerning assaults through Afghan troops and also policemen around the overseas troops coaching them. The episodes have killed 45 NATO-led troops the following year.

NATO features solely concerning a quarter belonging to the attacks, known as environment friendly upon blue, towards Taliban, declaring the remainder tend to be the result of personalized grievances and misunderstandings. Last year, there were 35 deaths in such attacks.

"Even modest ethnical differences can create misconceptions in addition to rows. If you or even your coalition companion will get angry, keep away from oneself until eventually your situation gets normal," pronounces the particular weighty pamphlet.

The insurance highlights the huge cultural divide even now separating Afghans from their allies, 11 many years in to the increasingly unpopular plus pricey war.

Defense Ministry spokesman Zahir Azimi confirmed it to help reporters on Thursday, saying it absolutely was created for that 190,000-strong Afghan nationwide army.

"Coalition troops could ask about the actual girls in your family. Do possibly not take offence, some people just simply need warm and friendly relationships along with you. In return, instruct all of them which Afghans do not talk about his or her families' women of all ages by using others," the particular pamphlet instructs, looking at Afghanistan's ultra-conservative society.

Putting your boots using a desk, blowing one's nose, winking, using photos, swearing and parenting the actual midst finger usually are also assigned while degrees of Western way of life which might upset Afghans.

In a deeply strict Muslim united states when several pray many times a day, your pamphlet prompts Afghan troops certainly not that will become worried as soon as NATO troops complete ahead associated with them throughout prayer, considered disrespectful with Islam.

Both that army along with the 150,000-strong nationwide criminal arrest power usually are trained by simply NATO in addition to its partners.

NATO troops may also be acquiring extra ethnical awareness training, mentioned Lt. General Adrian Bradshaw, deputy commander of the NATO-led energies within Afghanistan, incorporating that the particular coalition had discussed Afghan internet marketer non secular advisers.

"We notice it's a excessive stress atmosphere having a customs of honor plus shame," Bradshaw informed reporters, adding that Afghan militia who shot their particular allies ended up often killed, therefore there seemed to be absolutely no opportunity to question them.

Hundreds regarding Afghan soldiers were detained or sacked with regard to getting hyperlinks for you to insurgents, along with NATO procedures contain improving its vetting procedure in addition to counter-intelligence.

Field commanders have also been given discretion to post more "guardian angel" sentries, which oversee currency militia around jampacked areas for instance gyms and also food halls, for you to respond to any dodgy shootings, officials say.

In an meeting together with Reuters this week, NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen terminated virtually any advice that this episodes might cause more associates from the NATO-led power pushing out on the showdown sooner than planned.

(Additional reporting by Hamid Shalizi; enhancing by Tim Pearce)

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