Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hot! Watch The Actor's Stern Warning & 30 Other Celebrity Spots Videos - Clint Eastwood's Crack Cocaine Psa

Clint Eastwood Anti-Crack Cocaine PSA with the 1980s

Clint Eastwood Anti-Crack Cocaine PSA with the 1980s

Pee Wee Herman Talks About Crack Cocaine - PSA

It may be hard to consider Pee Wee seriously, particularly as soon as the idea appears to be they've relaxing inside a video clip movie along with positioning a vial associated with crack.. In the following limited PSA this individual takes a remain in opposition to that solid pro-crack lobby :) Pee Wee explains to individuals around the dangers. This is siimilar for you to Clint Eastwood 's PSA (

Bette Midler: PSA - The Thrill Can Kill You

A PSA this was with many of the primary VHS tapes with the video "Outrageous Fortune" 1987/88. And with Canada at smallest I could just discover the item about the Video Rental copy, those people for normal sale made later didn't include things like it. Hope anyone enjoy!

Nancy Reagan using Clint Eastwood - Crack Cocaine Commercial - Anti Drug

This video involving Nancy Reagan exhibits the woman by using Clint Eastwood during your ex Just Say No campaign. Videos had been carried out by way of Clint Eastwood ( and also Pee Wee Herman (

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