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Radiation Treatment - Hugo Chavez Says New Tumor Was Cancerous - The Associated Press


CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez discovered Sunday which a fresh tumour not long ago stripped away from his pelvic spot ended up being with the same type of malignancy for a baseball-sized expansion extracted from that part of his system about eight months ago.

In his very first TV appearance in nine days, Chavez stated the particular surgery treatment as well as follow-up checks revealed this growth seemed to be "a recurrence on the to begin with identified cancer."

He stated this unknown growth seemed to be totally extracted plus noted "the deficiency associated with lesions suggestive of cancer malignancy neither of them locally, neither of them with neighborhood organs, neither far at a distance . neither metastasis, not one of the because of God, to the verdict along with rapid intervention."

The 57-year-old president mentioned he / she would certainly commit many months recovering after which you can "we definitely will carry out radiation medication from the area . with no losing various other medication options."

"There isn't curse neither every other sign, neither infection, hemorrhage," this individual said. He labeled the post-surgery recovery "perfect regarding time which is passed, as well as we have been witout a doubt doing natural therapy."

Chavez spoken solidly around photographs recorded Saturday in Havana while associated with numerous government ministers and older sibling Adan Chavez. The president reported his / her recuperation have been "open, modern and also rapid" from the pictures shown Sunday around Venezuela.

Chavez said "still that hasn't been six a short time for the reason that operation ended on the night of past Sunday." He verified this date regarding the recording by way of featuring a Saturday replicate involving the Cuban federal government newspaper Granma plus much the same replicate on the Venezuelan federal government paper Correo del Orinoco.

"We became optimistic," he or she explained although sitting down with an square meeting table. "There is an extremely favorable health-related evolution, your important signs very favorable."

Chavez have many months connected with radiation remedy inside 2011.

Chavez flew in order to Cuba intended for his newest surgery on Feb. 24, and his or her lack from your public spotlight ever since then features sparked rumours with regards to his or her health. Chavez would cellular phone towards a exhibit Friday upon Venezuelan state television set as soon as this individual reported he ended up being recuperating well.

Chavez has not specified the kind of cancer he has and also exactly where it can be located. But malignancy companies express which dependant on obtainable information, Chavez shows up to have problems with a new comparatively unusual melanoma known as sarcoma, which usually does reappear inside same spot in which associated tumors are removed.

The chief executive includes taken discomfort to demonstrate unflagging power around his or her arrest looks since he or she looks a new challenging re-election combat that November.

"Everyone that has also been controlled upon is aware . the effect of your operation with many hours," Chavez said within the many the latest footage. "And how, certainly the primary time when the physique will begin that will awaken, the particular pains begin, the obstacles, immediately after a single goes step by step regaining the functions with the body, like I'm recovering."

He added, "Since just about the second day, I started out for you to walk. For this, I say thanks to God, to everybody."

He chatted within a stark, white-walled room, looking at work associated with Cuban health leader Jose Marti and also South American hero Simon Bolivar. With no one overtaking his duties in Venezuela, Chavez released recommendations in order to authorities ministers in addition to accepted the particular budgets associated with various state-owned companies.

As she has carried out throughout recent weeks, Chavez defended Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, who have tried out to violently crush a hot revolt in much of the Middle Eastern country. Venezuela has a minimum of double sent shipments connected with diesel oil for you to Syria covering the beyond months.

"We continue lamenting the aggressions versus Syria," Chavez said, "and this pressure in the United States administration and several European countries, faltering to recognize that sovereignty of an individuals like the Syrian people."

"From here," Chavez said, "we send out each of our solidarity on the Syrian folks also to President Bashar Al-Assad."

Later Sunday, at Havana's cathedral, a new assistance happened with regard to Chavez's health.

Chavez is usually "in great spirts and raised with the service as well as love on the Venezuelan people," explained Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro, whom appeared to be for the service.

In Venezuela, Chavez succor Johsny Flores said his or her belief inside head continues to be huge in spite of that reports regarding ill health.

"Cancer can be a significant illness, although I know that Chavez includes much love for any country, a lot aspire to carry on using us, of which he has visiting turn out of this," stated Flores, a new 35-year-old street vendor.

On one other side belonging to the political fence, merchant Tomas Gutierrez accompanied that illustration regarding single visitors presidential choice Henrique Capriles along with anticipated Chavez a swift recovery even as he looked intended for a strong finish into the leader's 13-year rule.

"Another person around their spot might always be around the floor," the actual 63-year-old said. "We have got to understand his will power. But also, hopefully this he gets greater which Capriles victories and applies an conclusion to that terrible government."

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